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Your AI assistant at your university!

Ask for your schedule, grades, exams dates, location or the dean's office phone number, apply for the scholarship using your voice.

Say Good Bye to mobile apsps!

My University on phone
My University
About My University

This has never happened before!
You don't have to log in to your mobile application any more!

It’s true, this has never happened before.

You do all the most important things via your personal AI assistant:

My University!

Your assistant uses both Artificial Intelligence and the natural way of communicating by voice!


What does My University offer?

Voice interface

We are changing the reality. You do not have to use mobile ``apps``. You communicate in a natural way just like your with friends!

Personalized assistant

Your AI assistant understands what you mean, it makes all the most important arrangments at the University. You no longer have to walk through applications and look for options. You just ask for the information that you need!

Whats new?

The assistant will read the new messages from the University.
Just ask: what's new?


Check your billing status.
Just ask: check my due payment


Just ask: check my schedule for tomorrow or May, 1st 2020

Search information

Just ask:
where is the gym?
what's the Dean's Office phone number?

Send requests and applications

The assistant will apply for you.
Say: send request for the scholarship

Announcements, exams, assessments?

Just ask: check my grades or check exams dates

How does it work!

My University
How is it possible?

Alexa is integrated with your account at the University, knows all the relevant information you may need, just ask!

To use My University, install Alexa on your phone or use Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show devices.

Amazon devices


Install Alexa from Google Play or App Store

Linking account

Enable My University skill and link the Alexa to your university account.

That's it!

Now you can ask Alexa anything you want!

The most important possibilities

What My University can do for you?
A lot, watch now !

Alexa on SLU

Start with the AI assistant for your university today!
My University!

Meet our team

The only Alexa Team experts



Sales Manager


Project Manager




Product Owner
Sample sentences

What can My University do?

The Alexa and My University equipped with artificial intelligence has unlimited possibilities, is a matters of ideas and implementation of functionality, examples:
Alexa ask My University, check my schedule for next weekend

For next weekend you don't have any classes, lucky you!

Alexa ask My University for send request for scholarship

Alexa: Do you really want to send request for scholarship?
Student: yes
Alexa: Ok, I send your request for scholarship to Deans Office, someone contact you in few days.

Student: What's the library phone number?

Alexa: Phone number to library is +48 123 123 123

Student: check my grades

Alexa: You have 5 grades for current semester, Python programming 5, English 4 ...

Please contact us

+48 792 336 306

Learn more how Alexa and My University can help your university, the possibilities are not limited!